Niko had just got home after a long day of work, murdering and such, and decided he would call Kiki up to hang out. He picked up his phone and called her, she picked up, he said "Hi Kiki, wanna go on a date?" "Of course Niko, I've been wanting to see you all day." "I'll be there soon, see ya later." He got into his car and drove to her apartment, he blew the horn and she came out, with a red sweater, blue jeans, and boots; "she looks beautiful" thought Niko. He shook the thought off as Kiki got in the car. "Hey sweetie, where are we headed?" "Well, I actually made a reservation at the Star cafe but I could cancel it if you wanna do something else since I know you hate "conspicuous consumption", he laughed. She responded "No Niko, that sounds fine, it doesn't matter where we go as long as I'm with you", she smiled as she grabbed his hand. As they were driving down the road, Kiki asked, "Niko, do you love me?" Niko stared blankly at the road trying to figure out what to say. He got out the response "Well, Kiki, we've only known each other a short amount of time, I mean I really like you and care for you, but I really can't go along to say I love you, cause we've not known each other that long." He was scared to know what she would say. All she said was "oh". "But Kiki, I love hanging out with you, you're so kind, beautiful, loving, caring, and so much more, you could be out with any guy right now, but you're here with my murdering, kicking ass, immigrant-self!" Kiki laughed and said " Niko, you're far from that, in my eyes, you're sweet, loving, caring, handsome, and respectful, well sometimes." They both laughed. They pulled up to the Star cafe; Niko parked the car and went onto the other side to open her door up, he held his arm out to her, and she grabbed it. They went into the restaurant and sat at a booth,and they got their menus and ordered their food. Kiki got a steak with mashed potatoes and corn, while Niko got a filet mignon with a side of corn. As they were eating, Kiki stopped eating, looked deep into Niko's chocolate brown eyes and said" Niko, I have so much fun with you". "That's good Kiki, I'm glad." Kiki then said" I'm in love with you, from the moment I set my eyes on you, I knew you were the one, it may sound corny, but everytime you're inside me, I feel like my whole world is complete, like nothing else matters." Niko about choked on his food at that. He then said " Well Kiki, I'm really flattered to hear that but- he was interrupted by a deep voice, a blonde hair, blue eyed man, "well hello darling", speaking to Kiki. Niko raised an eyebrow and said "Umm excuse me?" The stranger ignored him and started talking to Kiki, "My name is Logan Kent and I seen your profile on and I knew as soon as I saw your beautiful face, that it was most definitely you." Kiki was flattered and started smiling really big and said" Aww nice to meet you Logan, but I'm kinda already taken", and started looking at Niko. Niko smiled nervously and looked at Logan up and down, and gave him a weird look. "Oh my apologies, I didn't know, sorry to disturb you, I just had to come up to you "Lawchick" haha" and Niko mockingly laughed. Kiki then said" well it was talking to you" Logan smiled and said "yeah, you too". As he started to walk away, he turned around and said "Oh yea, could we talk privately?" Kiki looked at Niko and he shook his head but Kiki denied him and said "Yes, of course, only for a minute tho." Logan smiled and said " Ok!" Kiki looked at Niko and he was pale and red in the face, Kiki said" I'll be right back honey, I promise" as she kissed him on the cheek and walked away. As she walked away with Logan, Niko got a churning in his stomach,"it's not like I care, I don't even like her that much, or do I?" He was starting to get confused.

Five minutes passed and Kiki was still gone. "Hmm wonder what they're up to?" Niko was starting to get worried, so he got up, left money on the table and went up front to check and see if they were there, no sign of them. So he went up to a waiter and asked " Have you seen a blonde headed man with a girl in a red sweater?" The waiter thought for a moment then said " umm yes sir, they went outside and went down the alleyway towards Persues across the street." "Thanks." Niko walked outside, went towards the alleyway. "WHAT THE HELL?!"