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11/28/2020 c23 ChrisDGoosey
Absolutely loved this story and I’m so pleased there’s a sequel. Thank you and I hope you and your family are keeping safe and well
11/28/2020 c21 ChrisDGoosey
I’m not sure I understood all that Edward said in the dance scene but it was still lovely.
11/27/2020 c20 ChrisDGoosey
WOW! What a brilliant chapter! Emotional and intelligent writing. Tyler is almost too understanding but what can he do? I could read your words all day - oh, wait...!
11/27/2020 c19 ChrisDGoosey
Sooo Good. I love both of these characters. Very clever writing.
11/27/2020 c18 ChrisDGoosey
A lovely touch. Perfect.
11/27/2020 c14 ChrisDGoosey
Beautifully written. What has Edward been doing, though? Is there a significant other?
11/27/2020 c12 ChrisDGoosey
I’m really glad you came back to this story. Thank you.
11/27/2020 c9 ChrisDGoosey
It feels very different being here now that we know about the friends and their backgrounds. I really feel for Bella, and that’s not a natural position for me! I am so very glad that part II is ready and waiting. Thank you.
11/27/2020 c8 ChrisDGoosey
Bella is a true romantic. Oh dear!
11/26/2020 c7 ChrisDGoosey
Ahh, lovely chapter.
11/26/2020 c6 ChrisDGoosey
Loved most of this chapter - but the end? I’ve been trying really hard not to say “poor Edward” during reviews but - POOR EDWARD! He really needs a hug; motherly or otherwise. I would have expected more from Bella towards the end. Two weeks? They’re not 10 year olds anymore. She should have tried to find him. Not good, Bella, not good.
11/26/2020 c5 ChrisDGoosey
Jealousy can really bite at that age. Renee handled the makeup thing really well.
11/26/2020 c4 ChrisDGoosey
The way the Rec is their escape, their “Utopia in the woods”, is wonderfully written.
11/26/2020 c3 ChrisDGoosey
Oh, I remember being that age and crushing. I want to give Edward a big Motherly hug (and that’s a first)!
11/26/2020 c1 ChrisDGoosey
Excellent first chapter.
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