Chapter 4 (1/2)

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After leaving the Main Hall, Lin Feng and Zhang Wanqing walked toward the Treasury of the Green Sky Sect together.

The Treasury was located in the innermost part of the sect. Although the Green Sky Sect was now desolate, it used to be a top sect in Longyan County that monopolized a county’s resources!

The Treasury of the Green Sky Sect was hidden in a mountain stream between the Scripture Pavilion and the Punishment Hall. Only the people in charge of the sect’s financial affairs knew how to open the External Formation.

Even the Sect Master did not know how to open the formation outside the Treasury.

However, there was a Private Treasury inside the Treasury, and only the Sect Master could enter that place.

After the two of them entered the Treasury, the formation closed automatically. There were no more ripples in the mountain stream, as if no one had ever come.

“Senior Brother, go in. Just tell me what you want to find. I have organized the entire Treasury bit by bit over the years, so it’s easier for me to find what you’re looking for.”

After saying that, Zhang Wanqing moved her body to the side.

It was Lin Feng’s first time seeing the entire Treasury. His predecessor had never been to the Treasury before either.

Because the Green Sky Sect was so poor, everyone thought that there was nothing good left in the Treasury.

The Treasury hidden in the mountain stream was a natural karst cave. It had been repaired by the Seniors of the Green Sky Sect, and all kinds of forbidding formations had been set up, making it look clean and tidy.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, one could not see the depths of the cave, but only what was within view. The materials on the shelves, the medicinal herbs, and the weapons leaning against the rock wall were all dazzling to the eye. The things here were much more abundant than what Lin Feng had imagined.

Standing aside, Zhang Wanqing felt a bit guilty when she saw her Senior Brother’s surprised expression.

After all, the External Formation of the sect’s Treasury was in her hands, and even Lin Feng, the Sect Master, was only here for the first time.

“Senior Brother, you’ve been in charge of the sect for many years, but this is your first time coming to the Treasury. You should do an inventory, so you know what is available the next time you need something.”

Zhang Wanqing looked at her Senior Brother, who was still in a daze, and felt a little apologetic.

Seeing that Lin Feng had not said anything for a long time, she explained herself.

“The treasures in the Treasury were all accumulated by the Green Sky Sect’s Ancestral Masters bit by bit for eight generations. It’s just that in the recent three generations, the sect was poor and weak. Not only did we not accumulate any treasures, we basically took everything out…”

Lin Feng looked at his Junior Sister in front of him, who had a sad expression on her face. She looked like a miser no matter how he looked at her. He could not help but laugh out loud.

The karst cave where the Treasury was located was very spacious at the front. There was still a long way to go to get to the deep part of the cave, and the inside of the cave was relatively narrow.

Just by looking at it, the Green Sky Sect had quite a lot of assets. There were several piles of refining materials on the ground at the entrance of the karst cave.

Primordial Adamantine, Extraterrestrial Meteorite Iron, Dark Light Mysterious Iron, Gold from Yu, Golden Thunder Bamboo, Nephrite… they were all common high-quality refining materials, piled up like a small mountain.

Lin Feng sighed silently in his heart, “No wonder the Green Sky Sect was targeted by the East Sun Sect. The former number one sect in Longyan County is indeed a lean camel that is bigger than a horse.”

Lin Feng, who had not spoken a word since entering the Treasury, was taken as frightened by the poverty of the sect by his Junior Sister. The guilt on her face grew.

After all, she had been in charge of the Treasury for many years. Other than taking things out, she had never put anything into it. Even her Natal Flying Sword was taken out of the Treasury.

“Junior Sister, do you still remember the eight materials I mentioned in the Main Hall just now?”

Lin Feng asked. Compared to taking inventory of the resources in the Treasury, he wanted to build a wonder as soon as possible to see if his gold fingers had any effect.


“I remember, I remember. Red Flame Stone, Red Fire Pearl, Three Star Stone, Heavenly River Cinnabar, Heavy Wood, Fire Copper, Mud of Destiny, and the Yin and Yang Profound Stone. These eight.”