Chapter 5 (1/2)

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There was no need to pay a price for the exchange of blueprints in the system. With a light tap of the word ‘exchange’ next to the name of the wonder, the blueprints would appear directly in Lin Feng’s hands.

Lin Feng was still very cautious during the first exchange. He deliberately found a corner that no one paid attention to, and only after he obtained the blueprints did he search for a place to build it.

The use of the empty space in front of the Ancestral Hall was no longer known. The green stones on the ground were covered with the traces of time, and the dark corners were covered in moss.

While Lin Feng stood still in front of the Ancestral Master Hall, he felt a sense of telepathy.

It was as if the Ancestral Masters behind the door knew what he was going to do next, and they supported him spiritually.

Lin Feng did not meet any disciples after standing in the open space for a long time.

The current Green Sky Sect was large and sparsely populated. Even though it had lost its former glory, and most of its outer territory had been taken away by the East Sun Sect next door.

However, the interior territory of the sect was still intact, and the area within a hundred miles was still under the influence of the Green Sky Sect. Although it was not as large as a Top Tier Sect that had a thousand or ten thousand miles of territory under their influence, it was not much different from a Middle Tier Sect.

The East Sun Sect next door had the strength of a Middle Tier Ninth Rank sect, but its territory was much smaller than the Green Sky Sect, which was a Low Tier Ninth Rank sect. Naturally, they were unwilling to accept this.

Currently, there were only a hundred disciples in the Green Sky Sect’s inner and outer sect combined, and more than 80% of them were outer sect disciples, so their strength was insignificant.

Since 90% of such a large territory was left unattended, it was already deserted. Only the central area was carefully protected as much as possible, so the core of the Green Sky Sect was still there.

Lin Feng carefully studied the blueprint in his hand. This was also the first time he had a detailed understanding of the Sword Stele.

After all, few people in the modern era would study this thing.

With the strength of his predecessor at the Beginning Stage of the Origin Building Realm, the power in his body allowed him to barely finish refining the first stage of the Jade Heavenly Long Sword.

After Lin Feng finished thinking, he memorized the forging method and began to refine it.

As Lin Feng began to move, the spiritual energy in the open space in front of the Ancestral Master Hall churned, and the scattered spiritual energy seemed to be covered by a layer of fog.

The foundation of the Sword Stele gradually took shape. Following the steps described in the blueprint, the materials were cast step by step and the spiritual energy was used to cast all of them together.

The main materials for the base of the Stele were the Black Yang Stone and the Blue Sea Stone Heart. Together with the other eight high-quality refining materials, just the initial fusion was enough to cause the spiritual energy in the empty space to boil endlessly.

Halfway through the forging of the Jade Heavenly Long Sword, a strange phenomenon occurred.

An auspicious sign appeared in front of the Ancestral Hall. The Earth surged with golden lotuses, and golden light shone brilliantly.

Even Lin Feng, who was the source of all the strange phenomena, was shocked by the sudden phenomenon.

He looked forward to what kind of world-shaking scene it would be if it was completely forged.

After recovering from his shock, Lin Feng gathered his thoughts and continued to forge the Sword Stele.

The longer the forging took, the more condensed the spiritual energy in the open space became. The fog-like spiritual energy in the beginning gradually turned into a cloud-like shape.

Lin Feng did not know how much time had passed. He only knew that the spiritual energy in his body had gradually lost its strength, and the Sword Stele was finally completed!

At the same time, outside the cloud-like ball of spiritual energy, a burst of purple energy came from the east. The target was clear, and it was above the open space in front of the Ancestral Hall of the Green Sky Sect.

Lin Feng, who was in the center of it, instantly felt comfortable all over. The mental exhaustion from forging, as well as the discomfort caused by the lack of spiritual energy in his body, all disappeared in an instant.

As the final stage of the forging of the wonder was completed, Lin Feng stopped the output of his spiritual energy.

On the empty ground, regardless of whether it was the spiritual energy condensed in the air or the purple energy from the east, they instantly swarmed towards the formed Jade Heavenly Long Sword. All the strange phenomena instantly disappeared and were gathered within the Sword Stele.

Lin Feng looked at the scene in front of him with his mouth agape. According to the requirements of the blueprint, not a single step was wrong. The completed wonder was right in front of him.

However, what was the connection between this simple and unadorned Sword Stele and the strange phenomenon produced during the forging process just now?