Chapter 12 (1/2)

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As soon as they finished the procedures for receiving the mission at the Longyan Pavilion, Lin Feng and the others left straight away and rushed towards Qingyan Village, where the mission was located.

It had been less than two hours from them entering the city and leaving the city. The gatekeeper Suo Tian was very puzzled by the behavior of the seven sword cultivators to be leaving the city not long after they had entered the city.

Lin Feng decided he would not restrict everyone from using their spiritual energy on their trip to Qingyan Village this time.

The way sword cultivators traveled was quite simple. Apart from the option of sword-riding, the other option was still sword-riding.

When they reached the outer city, under Lin Feng’s command, the disciples all took out their swords and used the Sword-riding Technique to rush to Qingyan Village.

Lin Feng watched as the disciples used the Sword-riding Technique skillfully and nodded with satisfaction. He then looked at his junior sister who was beside him and signaled for her to set off.

However, his junior sister did not move. She just stared at him.

“Junior sister, go on. The junior brothers are going to leave us behind,” Lin Feng could not help but remind her in a low voice.

Zhang Wanqing did not move until her senior brother said this. She took out her natal flying sword, but she looked somewhat displeased.

It was not until Lin Feng also left that the commotion at the city gates started again.

After all, it was indeed rare to see seven sword cultivators at the same time, on top of that, all seven of them were from the same sect.

The speed of a sword cultivator’s sword-riding depended on the strength of the cultivator. Not only did Lin Feng have the highest cultivation in the team, but he was also the one with the highest attainments in the Sword Dao.

He was the last to set off, but he caught up with the disciples who had set off first in ten breaths. Within the time it took to brew a pot of tea, they had already reached Qingyan Village.

Qingyan Village was located on the periphery of Qingyan Forest. As it was close to the forest, it would often be invaded by wild beasts.

However, even the ordinary villagers who did not cultivate could deal with those wild beasts from in the periphery of the forest.

As the old saying goes, those living on a mountain would live off the mountain to survive. Since Qingyan Village’s geographical environment was special, although it would often be attacked by wild beasts, Qingyan Forest was also a natural treasure house.

Thanks to this, the villagers here could make a living off gathering herbs and hunting since their ancestors, which was why the disappearance of the herbalists had happened.

Lin Feng led his disciples and landed at the entrance of the village. He had already taken in the surrounding environment from the sky just now. It was not much different from what he had thought it would be like.

However, the arrival of their group instantly attracted the attention of many villagers. They inconspicuously surrounded them.

Upon closer inspection, the villagers looked at them with distrust and wariness.

This made Lin Feng extremely puzzled.

After Zhang Wan Qing landed, she found the village chief among the crowd and walked straight towards him. She went straight to the point and stated their intentions.

“There is no need to trouble the celestials regarding the matters of the Qingyan Village,” When the village chief heard their intentions, his expression did not change, but at the same time, he also rejected them without hesitation.

“We will wait for the people from the Imperial Court to handle the matters, as for you celestials, please leave.”

After the village chief finished speaking, he glanced at the cold-faced Zhang Wanqing. He saw that her brows were slightly furrowed and she looked as if she was about to get angry.

He hurriedly turned around and asked the villagers for some money.