Chapter 21 - Easy Kill, The True Lethality of the Sparrow in a Cage (1/2)

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The surrounding environment had suddenly changed.

The people of the East Sun Sect, led by their grand elder, were dumbfounded to find that they had disappeared from the Green Sky Sect’s square and were now in an unfamiliar place.

What was even more shocking to them was Lin Feng’s methods. Even the experienced grand elder hadn’t experienced such a thing before.

The disciples of the East Sun Sect who had come to the Green Sky Sect this time all had some attainments in cultivation and had some strength.

They had long sensed that something was wrong with this sudden change.

The grand elder had the highest cultivation base, and thus he was even more aware than the other disciples and unaffiliated cultivators that they were currently in an independent small world.

What surprised him the most was that this world could block all his senses.

There wasn’t a single mystic realm or small world in the entire Longyan County that could completely block all his senses. Since the Green Sky Sect had fallen to such a state, how could they have such an advanced mystic realm?

Sharp sword Qi flowed everywhere in this small world that looked like a mystic realm, making people fearful.

“Grand elder, where are we now?” A disciple of the East Sun Sect asked carefully.

The grand elder looked around and immersed himself in the sword Qi that were wandering in the air.

“Lin Feng should be a sword cultivator with a natal flying sword. This place is probably the ability of his natal flying sword,” The grand elder said in a deep voice with his brows knitted tightly.

The disciples behind him were shocked when they heard the grand elder’s words. They had never heard that the Green Sky Sect had another sword cultivator with a natal flying sword other than Zhang Wanqing.

As for the abilities of sword cultivators, anyone who was a cultivator knew.

The ability of sword cultivators to fight opponents above their realms was many times stronger than that of Qi cultivators. Not to mention that they were currently facing the sect master of the Green Sky Sect, a strong cultivator in the Origin Building Realm.

Even if his strength was at the bottom among the sect masters, he was still a cultivator who had cultivated to the Origin Building Realm. Compared to the East Sun Sect cultivators who were mostly in the Condensing Reality Realm, Lin Feng could kill them as easily as chopping vegetables.

Apart from the three Origin Building Realm cultivators and the grand elder of the East Sun Sect, the other disciples instantly became nervous, afraid that they would be the first to be slashed by Lin Feng.

The fact that Lin Feng hadn’t shown up yet added to their nervousness.

“Humph, he’s just putting up a show, such a brat. How could he be a sword cultivator?” An elder of the East Sun Sect who was in the advanced stage of the Origin Building Realm said. He didn’t believe the grand elder’s deductions.

If Lin Feng was a sword cultivator with a natal flying sword, the Green Sky Sect wouldn’t have been forced into such a dire situation.

While the people of the East Sun Sect were in a heated discussion, Lin Feng appeared in the small world of the Sparrow in a Cage.

The minute he appeared in front of everyone, the elder of the East Sun Sect who had accused Lin Feng of merely putting on a show attacked without hesitation.

Lin Feng held his sword horizontally in front of him steadily. He didn’t panic at all when he saw the old cultivator suddenly attack.

His hand was steady as he held his sword, and his heart was calm and steady. As a result, his aura and energy became even more stable.

The grand elder of the East Sun Sect was shocked when he saw Lin Feng’s posture and the aura he was emitting.

If one hadn’t seen it with one’s eyes, no one would have thought that the sect master of the Green Sky Sect had hidden his true strength. To think he had been willing to endure the taunts of others for many years, and only at the last moment did he reveal his true strength.

The elder of the East Sun sect who was the first to attack Lin Feng was also the first to feel the pressure brought by Lin Feng’s aura, but he couldn’t just stop now.