Chapter 27 - A Visit From the Wu Family Sword Tomb (1/2)

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After returning to his room, Lin Feng opened the system after making sure that no one would come to disturb him.

He wanted to select the Wonder he would forge next in the system.

Lin Feng kept flipping through the options for the Wonders in his mind.

The Divine Dragon of the Nine Heavens, the Yin-yang Eight Trigrams Formation, the Taixuan Deity Statue…

Each one required more than ten kinds of materials, extremely rare materials at that.

Just completing the second stage of forging the Jade Heavenly Long Sword had already consumed most of the sect’s cultivation resources.

The sect simply did not have so many resources to consume anymore.

Moreover, the current advancement of the sect’s disciples was too fast.

If he were to make them advance again when the spiritual energy in their bodies was not stable, the whole matter might backfire.

Plus, all of them were now sword cultivators.

As such, in addition to their realm cultivation, they also had to improve in their Sword Dao.

For now, the strength of the sect’s disciples was still too weak.

Therefore, he had to consider many factors and think twice before choosing the second Wonder to forge.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Lin Feng got up and came to the door.

It turned out Zhang Wanqing had come to Lin Feng to discuss matters of the sect.

Lin Feng invited Zhang Wanqing into his residence and brought her a cup of tea.

After Lin Feng sat down, then only did Zhang Wanqing tell him her reason for coming, “Senior brother, during this period, the Wonder that you have forged has helped the sect disciples improve a lot.”

“Junior sister, there’s no need to praise me. This is what I should do as the sect master.”

“What I want to say is that I hope senior brother will put the third stage of forging the Wonder aside for now.”

Zhang Wanqing was expressionless as she looked at Lin Feng, but in her heart, she was very nervous.

“Why do you say that?”

“Although the disciples of the sect have all become sword cultivators, their realms are just too low. Most of them are only in the beginner stage of the Condensing Reality Realm, and only a small number of inner sect disciples have reached the advanced stage of the Condensing Reality Realm. The natal flying sword grows stronger as the host’s realm increases. Thus, if their realms are unstable or too low, they will be unable to unleash the power of their natal flying sword. Although the disciples’ cultivation in the Sword Dao has advanced, their realm cultivation is rather unstable. I’m afraid that if this is left to continue, it will have a great impact on their cultivation in the future.”

Hearing Zhang Wanqing’s words, Lin Feng nodded silently.

As a sword cultivator, Zhang Wanqing was very clear about the problems with unstable realm cultivation, and as a modern person, Lin Feng was very much aware of the importance of playing it safe.

Hence, after some discussion between the two of them, they reached a consensus.

For the time being, the third stage of forging the Sword Stele would be temporarily put on hold.

After Zhang Wanqing left, Lin Feng began to tour the Wonders in the system.

He was well aware that what was needed now was a new Wonder.

Under the current situation where the sect’s resources were scarce, it was impossible to go on with the third stage of forging the Jade Heavenly Long Sword.

Moreover, it was just like what his junior sister said, it would be counterproductive to go on with the third stage now.

Therefore, the most urgent task now was to find a Wonder that was both suitable for the sect and inexpensive.

After searching for a while, Lin Feng finally found a Wonder that was suitable for the sect: “The Sect Master’s Statue”.

Once forged, it would increase the spiritual energy of the sect, which was exactly what they needed right now.

Although the Green Sky Sect had an abundance of Sword Dao Fate now, the concentration of spiritual energy here was just average.

The realms of the sect’s disciples had been low, to begin with, and now that their cultivations had been forcefully advanced, without enough spiritual energy to support them in circulating and regulating their cultivation, it was difficult for them to make substantial progress.

It was expanding a house while using fewer materials.

As such, the higher the house was built, the easier it was for it to collapse.

Therefore, only with sufficient spiritual energy could the steady progress of the sect disciples be guaranteed.